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Doula Support

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Doulas are experienced in childbirth through their own experiences and/or by attending births. A doula provides emotional, practical and physical support for the mother and her family during pregnancy, labour and the post natal period. 

My babies. Mini Buddhas Yoga on the Gold CoastI am a mother of two and certified doula which gives me personal experience in attending you during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. I understand that each woman and family is different and I can adapt to your needs. This is reflected in the many births I have attended, which have been totally varied and unique. I have offered continuous emotional and physical support during long and extremely intense situations. 
My resolve to support and nurture families through their birth did not waver in these times, which has given me amazing insight and experience to bring to the next birth. If you are looking for some extra support before, during and/or after the birth of your baby then this could be what you have been searching for.

Services I provide as a doula:   
•  Phone and email support during pregnancy.    
•  Prenatal Yoga classes at a reduced rate.
•  Prenatal visits and support.*
•  Emotional support and childbirth education   including pain coping practices
•  Attendance during labour and birth when you     need me 
•  Post Natal visits and support.** 

*Prenatal visits may include yoga and movement, childbirth education, building your pain coping mindset, self reflection through birth art, massage, all aspects of beauty therapy & nutrition tips. ** Postnatal visits may include sharing your birth story, massage, beauty therapy, nutritious meals, helping around the house, breastfeeding help, baby massage.

2017 Doula Prices

Essentials Package
This doula package includes a 1hr Prenatal interview, one 2hr prenatal visit, attendance at your labour/birth, one 2hr post natal visit, and host your Mother Blessing/baby shower Bonus; 5 class prenatal yoga pass!

Bliss Package
This doula package includes a 1hr Prenatal interview, one 2hr prenatal visit, one 1hr treatment/visit; attendance at your labour/birth, two 2hr post natal visits, and host your Mother Blessing/baby shower
Bonus; 5 class prenatal yoga pass!
Gold coast Doula provides care at mini buddhas yoga
Ultimate Package
This doula package includes a 1hr Prenatal interview, one 2hr prenatal visit, two 1hr treatment/visits; attendance at your labour/birth, three 2hr post natal visits, and host your Mother Blessing/ Baby Shower. 
Plus a four month supply of Juice Plus+ Capsules. The only supplement I recommend! Bonus; unlimited prenatal yoga classes! $1860

Discuss your needs with me and we can also tailor a package to suit. Payment plans available.

Please call or email me if you wish to meet and have a Prenatal Interview. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Call me now! Danera (Dee) Ph: 0404 668109