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Yoga For Seniors

Benefits of easy beginner yoga for adults and seniors include:
  • learning to BREATHE as a conscious effort
  • learn to move and breathe
  • gaining strength and mobility in the joints and muscles
  • your body is more flexible
  • having more stamina, energy and vitality in daily life
  • releases stress and tension both physically and mentally
  • helps promote a healthier and more restful sleep
  • classes are small and in a supportive environment

Seniors yoga Classes at mini buddhas yoga on the gold coast

Yoga For Seniors
These classes last 60 mins and are focused on gentle movement and stretching in tune with the breath. In general older people have less mobility in their joints and muscles, so this class is a great place to start increasing mobility, flexibility, suppleness and strength, in a safe and supported environment. We use the mat and chairs too. Classes are suitable for all levels from easy beginner upwards. 
Wednesday 10:30am (from Jan 18)
German Club; 2 Jondique Ave, Carrara 
$9 including lunch
Thursday 9am  (from Jan 12)
Palm Beach Anglican Church; 69 Palm Beach Ave, Palm Beach
$7 per class